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Why Australian Meat?

The Australian Red Meat industry is committed to producing safe, high-quality beef, lamb and goatmeat for customers around the world. Australia’s reputation as a supplier of high-quality meat and exporter with an enviable food safety record begins with an unspoiled environment, and is further enhanced by a solid foundation of industry protocols and procedures to deliver safe and reliable food. 

Australian Red Meat is available to North American customers in a wide range of product lines and cuts that will offer variety to your customers and add value to your business. All are prepared to strict specifications and packed in accordance with stringent quality assurance standards. Australian Meat is marketed in the United States, Canada and Mexico under numerous individual company brands that are discernable to retailers, chefs and consumers. Our goal is to provide a consistently high-quality product that attracts and satisfies your customers, every time.

A Variety of Products for Every Need

Australia’s abundance of pasture land and mild climate traditionally allow livestock to be entirely grass-fed or range-fed in a healthy, natural environment. There is also a growing feedlot industry that produces grain-fed cattle for markets around the world. All livestock are free of artificial additives and hormone growth promotants—pure products of a pure environment. Australia’s Red Meat industry caters to the needs of different cultures, and many Australian packers produce Halal meat guaranteed to adhere to Islamic laws. Whether you require restaurant-ready or retail cuts ideally suited to your operation, the Australian Red Meat industry has the right product to help your business prosper.

An Experienced Exporter

Australia has been exporting meat for over a century and currently services customers in more than 120 counties worldwide. The focus of the Australian Beef industry is firmly on exporting, which means the industry tailors production and packaging to the needs of customers. Australia is the largest beef exporter in the world and is widely recognized as the leader in export beef markets.

An Enviable Animal Health Status

Australia’s animal health status is one of the highest in the world. Australian stock are generally free of many diseases that exist in other parts of the world. Industry and government zealously guard our enviable status, and programs have been in place for decades to maintain our superior standing.

Safe and Wholesome Products

All Australian Export Meat packing plants are regulated by the Australian Federal Government through the Department of Agriculture. The Australian Department of Agriculture is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA); the Agriculture Canada (Ag Canada); and the Mexican Secretaria de Agricultura, Ganaderia, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentacion (SAGARPA) to inspect and regulate Australian Export Meat for the North American market.

USDA, CFIA and SAGARPA ensure that the Australian Department of Agriculture carries out inspection services via on-plant Australian Federal Government inspectors who ensure that Australia adheres to standards equivalent to those of U.S., Canadian and Mexican domestic meat plants. In addition, USDA, CFIA and SAGARPA conduct regular audits of Australian Meat plants and individually license plants to produce meat for the North American market.


Australia is a world leader in animal identification, mandating the program in 2005. Animals are linked to a property by an eight-digit property identification code (PIC), which is issued by State Governments and printed on each rancher’s National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) tags and National Vendor Declaration (NVD) forms. Each animal is tagged.

Whenever an animal is moved from the property, the NLIS database is updated to provide complete traceability, which allows the health and feeding history of each group or animal to be traced back to the property of birth.