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Aussie Meat Trends

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Blog Comment Policy

The Aussie Meat Mail blog is intended to be a fun, supportive and safe place for Aussie lamb and beef lovers to come together.

We welcome and appreciate:
         Constructive comments around lamb and/or beef
         Feedback and ideas

We do NOT welcome:
         Unauthorized commercial communications such as Spam
         Excessive swearing
         Factually incorrect or misleading information about the Australian red meat industry
         Comments that promote prejudice, bully, intimidate or harass any user
         Comments that condone or promote illegal behavior
         Content that is hateful, threatening or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity,
            vulgarity, graphic or gratuitous violence 

Where disagreements arise with other users, stay respectful. We love a juicy debate as much as the next person, but if you suspect a troll (someone on the page only to stir up anger), give a neutral, honest response, or refrain from responding at all.

Views and opinions expressed within this page should not be taken as official policy of True Aussie Beef & Lamb or Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA). We reserve the right to remove any comments from the site.