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australian BEEF

Product Guide for Australian Beef

Introduction to Australian Beef

When it comes to quality, Australian Beef stands out from the competition. For years, North American customers have recognized that Australian Beef is important to their retail, food service and manufacturing operations. Our publications have been created especially for North American retail meat buyers, meat managers, butchers, restaurateurs and chefs who want to learn more about ordering and using Australian Beef to enhance their business.

The Australian Beef Product Guide is available as a 22-page full-color brochure that can be viewed in PDF format or ordered in print form through our Publications Page. Our Australian Beef Cuts Chart is also available in PDF or printed format. More detailed technical information on Australian meat cut specifications is available in the Handbook of Australian Meat.

All publications are available through Meat & Livestock Australia’s North American office, and many are available in Spanish. Go to our Publications Page to request a free printed copy using our Order Form.

Give Your Customers What They Want

Your customers are the ultimate judges of beef quality. So what do they most want to experience when they consume beef? And how can you be certain you meet or exceed their expectations?

Historically, international beef grading systems have focused only on a production bias with no accountability or input from consumers. But this approach can lead to inconsistent eating experiences. More than 10 years ago, the Australian Beef industry developed and established a grading system called Meat Standards Australia (MSA), a beef-eating quality program that labels each beef primal and sub primal with a guaranteed grade and recommended cooking method to identify eating quality according to consumer perceptions. MSA is a voluntary grading program that accurately predicts the eating quality of Australian Beef, enabling suppliers to deliver consistently quality beef to consumers.

For more information on our Meat Standards Australia Program, visit www.mla.com.au/Marketing-beef-and-lamb/Meat-Standards-Australia. Or click here to download our MSA brochure.