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How to Order Australian Beef

Ordering Australian Beef is simple. Understanding the AUS-MEAT language is the first step. AUS-MEAT is an industry-funded organization responsible for establishing and maintaining Australian meat specifications. The AUS-MEAT language is a uniform specification language for Australian meat products that enables importers and wholesalers to accurately specify the meat product they wish to purchase from an exporter or seller.

The AUS-MEAT language is based on product description and objective measurements of various carcass attributes, such as hot weight, fat depth, sex and age of animals. AUS-MEAT has assigned a unique four-digit Handbook of Australian Meat (HAM) product code number for every primal cut and offal product. The category description and product code numbers are vital components when ordering Australian Beef. To view a selection of beef cuts relevant to retail and foodservice applications, see our Product Guide.

Click here to request a copy of the comprehensive Handbook of Australian Meat.

Also, see our Australian Beef Cut Chart in PDF format.

Australian meat processors objectively measure carcass quality through an industry program called Chiller Assessment. Processors use Chiller Assessment to accurately communicate quality characteristics of beef carcasses to prospective buyers.