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australian GOAT

How to Order Australian Goatmeat

Ordering Australian Goatmeat is simple. All Australian goatmeat coming into the U.S. is frozen, usually (but not limited to) whole carcass, 6-way cut or bone-in goat cubes. Carcasses could be skin-on or skin-off, and the skin-on could have the hair burnt off—classed as burnt goat.

AUS-MEAT is an industry-funded organization responsible for establishing and maintaining Australian meat specifications. The AUS-MEAT language is a uniform specification language for Australian meat products that enables importers and wholesalers to accurately specify the meat product they wish to purchase from an exporter or seller.

AUS-MEAT has assigned a unique four-digit Handbook of Australian Meat (HAM) product code number for every primal cut. The category description and product code numbers are vital components when ordering Australian Beef, Lamb or Goat.

Goatmeat primal cuts are referenced to the same specification and cut code numbers as sheepmeat. To purchase goatmeat primal cuts, use the sheepmeat cut code number reference and associated rib number (where applicable), stipulating that the product is sourced from goat.

Click here to request a copy of the comprehensive Handbook of Australian Meat.

Also, see our Australian Goatmeat Cut Chart in PDF format or request a printed copy from our Order Form.