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Linden_CowperLinden Cowper

Business Development Manager – Retail, North America
Meat & Livestock Australia

Growing up on a sheep and cattle ranch in central Queensland, Australia, Linden Cowper was born to work in the meat and livestock industry.

Starting as a child, she was involved in the day-to-day running of the ranch, including stock work like mustering, shearing and branding, as well as maintenance duties such as repairing fences and maintaining stock water outlets. She also cared for many pets, including dogs, cats, hens, calves, lambs, kangaroo joeys and a foal. She and her sister were homeschooled until age 12, when Linden went off to boarding school—14 hours away by bus.

Early in her career, Linden was a ranch hand who did stock work, maintenance and more for one of Australia’s largest and oldest cattle companies—a three million-acre ranch that stocked 60,000 cattle. There, she and two other girls managed the bull-breeding unit of 10,000 cows.

At a different ranch, Linden honed her culinary skills as cook for 15 hardworking ranch hands. And somewhere along the way, she even managed to find the time to co-author a children’s book about raising pet and orphaned lambs.

Linden started with Meat & Livestock Australia in 2001, working in Australia with MLA’s Eating Quality grading program—Meat Standards Australia—which involves the whole supply chain of ranchers, processors, wholesalers and retailers. She also traveled extensively to all parts of Australia, grading and delivering information sessions to the supply chain, mainly processor training.

In May 2010, Linden moved to the U.S. to become Business Development Manager – Retail of Meat & Livestock Australia. Today, she enjoys life in the states, traveling while extolling the many virtues of Australian Beef, Lamb and Goat.