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Lamb Cuts
Rack, Chine and Feather Bones Removed - 8 rib
4932 AUS
Prepared from a loin by a cut through the eye muscle between specified ribs. Piece weight approximately: 1–2.5 lbs. When ordering from a supplie...
Rack, Frenched
4764 AUS | 204D US
Prepared from a rack by the removal of the cap. The surface fat and meat are trimmed to the rib surface approximately one to two inches from the rib...
Rack, Frenched and Denuded
4938 AUS
Prepared from a rack (chine and feather bones removed) by the removal of cap, all fat, muscles and connective tissues over the eye muscle. Ribs are...
Rib Chop
4938 AUS | 1204F US
Prepared from a rack. Specify rib length and frenching line.