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Why Australian Goatmeat?

Goatmeat is lean and has nutritious qualities consistent with what health experts regard as a healthy meat alternative, particularly due to its low fat and cholesterol content. Due to its molecular structure, goatmeat is easier to digest and is lower in calories. Australian Goatmeat has a firm texture, with flavor profiles from mild to strong depending on the age of the animal.

Goatmeat has been part of the diet of people in most parts of the world for thousands of years. Recent research indicates that the goat was the first animal domesticated by humans. It is still the most widely eaten meat in the world.
Goatmeat is traditionally eaten by Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Cuban, Haitian, Hispanic, Indian, Asian and African consumers. This is due to its wide availability in these regions and because goatmeat is one of the only meats in the world that has minimal religious taboos.
The demand for goatmeat in the U.S. and Canada is increasing as traditional goatmeat consumers migrate, non-traditional consumers become more adventurous in their eating habits and goatmeat becomes more available. Many retail and foodservice establishments recognize that offering Australian Goatmeat options is a sure way to attract trend-setting diners.

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Australian Goatmeat Cuts Chart
Australian Goatmeat Product Guide
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