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Aussie Meat Trends

In Case You Missed It…

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MLA recently conducted a webinar about Protein Trends in Grass-Fed Beef with Technomic and If you didn’t catch it live, not to worry – the webinar is available to stream on demand at no charge.

We’re On The Cover!

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FTM Cover

Speaking of Flavor & the Menu, the last issue of 2014 featured one of our favorite dishes, Australian Lamb Meat Pie, on the cover! Inside, they break down the component parts of its deliciousness, and even the most excellent beverage pairing. See if you can guess it, and follow the link the see if you were right.

More Meat.

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Consumers looked hungrily for more meat in 2015, despite higher prices for most proteins. Trend watchers Bret Thorn and Nancy Kruse saw a lot of traction for beef, as well as more usage of less-common meats like lamb and even goat! Their look back at 2014 is an excellent read.

‘Tis the season…for trend predictions

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Happy New Year! You can always tell when a new year is beginning, not just from the cold weather and fireworks, but the flurry of trend predictions from the experts. Flavor & the Menu’s top ten trends issue is out, and is full of good news about sustainable meats. One of the top 10 this year is what they cheekily call “Good Vibrations” – pointing out that consumers are looking for food that makes them feel good from multiple perspectives. This means foods and restaurants that can tell a story about serving good for you food that’s good for the planet, and do good for the community, are poised for success. One standout stat in the article: A full “68 percent of American consumers care about ordering protein that is sustainably raised or caught.”


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Every January, Aussies celebrate Australia Day, our version of July 4th, though it celebrates the anniversary of first European settlement on the continent, not our independence as a nation. It happens January 26th, and an explosion of fireworks, picnics and BBQs will ensue. One key difference – down under, we prefer lamb to American hot dogs. All are welcome to join in the celebration – in fact in many cities there will be “G’Day USA” festivities to mark the occasion. And you can always throw some Aussie Lamb on the grill to celebrate yourself! Try this recipe if you need some inspiration.

Grilled Australian herb and wattle seed crusted lamb lollies with caramelized pumpkin