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Aussie Meat Trends

Australian grassfed beef grilling and catering tips

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  1. Grassfed meat requires less cooking time due to its high protein and low fat content. 30% less cooking time is a good rule of thumb.

  2. Avoid accidentally overcooking your grassfed beef. Aim for medium rare for best results.

  3. Do not over-handle ground meat. Use high grill searing temperatures and only flip once to reduce losing those flavorful juices in ground products.

  4. Allow meat to rest before cutting. 5-10 minutes will allow the meat to relax and absorb additional juices that you would lose cutting the meat too soon. If service speed is an issue, do not cut the product. Instead, allow the meat to rest during the time it takes to serve your guest.

  5. Do not allow grassfed beef to sit in heated chafing dishes for an extended period of time as this will overcook and dry out your grassfed beef. Always place the meat in your heated holding units as close to service as possible and monitor how long it has been out.


They said it!

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This fortunate group of chefs recently returned from a trip to Oz to see how we raise cattle and sheep with a focus on animal welfare and sustainability. See the video recap here; and here are a couple of our travelers’ impressions in their own words:

"One of the things I’ve been impressed by is the animal welfare, how incredible [the farmers] are about making sure that the animals are stress-free, and just the overall care and sustainability here."
-Chef Brian Vossler

"I do think the interest in grass fed is absolutely growing in the US. American diners are equating grassfed with “clean” and sustainable, and the Australian process tells that story very well. Aussie ranchers’ passion for animal welfare is apparent at every step of the way; they’re really proud of what they do, and that really shows through in the product on the plate.”
-Katie Ayoub, Flavor & The Menu

Featured recipe: Herb de Provence crusted Australian ribeye

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 renee web readyLongtime friend of the program and chef extraordinaire Renee Scharoff of Blonde on the Run catering in Boston tells us about her dish:

“I wanted to showcase the Aussie grassfed beef, and the preserved lemon, cheese and arugula oil give it a fresh, simple Mediterranean appeal. The arugula oil adds a splash of color and a little bitterness to balance the dish, and it’s really simple to make. I made an herbs de provence mix to crust the beef overnight, which echoed the housemade boursin and amplified its effect. The richness of the cheese complements the grassfed beef nicely too, which is naturally quite lean.”

What do you like about cooking with Aussie grassfed beef?

“My clients are always asking for the best products, and especially with beef that means grassfed and organic. As a chef I don’t have to manipulate it, just let the product shine and the natural flavors come through.”

Check out her recipe, Herb de Provence Australian grassfed ribeye with boursin, pickled lemon and arugula oil.