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Aussie Meat Trends

Soups on!

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burnt soupTis the season for #Aussome soups and stews, taking the chill off of whatever weather Mother Nature can dish out. One of our favorites right now is what our mates Chef Josh Balague and Chef Sophina Uong developed on a culinary training day with us. They call it “Burnt Winter Soup with Garlic Lamb,” and in addition to the Aussie lamb, charred and roasted veggies, it has a jasmine tea brodo that gets poured tableside for extra show points. We’ll let Josh tell you about it!

“The backbone of it is the broth. We made a lamb broth and steeped the tea in it, then deepened the flavors even more by adding charred vegetables. The lamb is ground Aussie lamb, stewed in the broth with lots of garlic and then sautéed to brown it. We grilled Chinese mustard along with the onions, carrots and shiitakes. All that goes in the bowl with a little hit of gochujang vinaigrette — just for fun, and to add a bit of heat and acid. Then the broth gets poured over tableside; I like to involve the guest in the “show” where it makes sense.”

It’s the kind of dish that would make sense at Nuri, the concept Chef Balague is co-developing with Ethan Speizer. A casual wine bar targeting a younger crowd, with food inspired by the Far East and Southeast Asia. Let us know when you’re open Josh, and save us a seat!

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