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A soupçon of wisdom: Soups and stews with Aussie Lamb

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lamb miso ramen soupFresh off our culinary immersion in San Francisco, Chef Andrew Hunter dishes up his thoughts on cooking soups and stews with Aussie lamb: 

“When it comes to Aussie lamb soups and stews, lamb shoulder is my number one go-to. Shoulder really benefits from long and slow cooking, and it pays you back with fantastic flavor that permeates your dish. Even after long cook-times, it will hold integrity and bite. It browns nicely, with a good fat/lean ratio. You can treat it simply, and Aussie lamb will speak for itself in the best way!” 

“Always start by searing and caramelizing the lamb with a fat that fits your soup. So for something Italian or Mediterranean like minestrone, use olive oil. Then brighten it with a bit of lemon zest, and let it cook to tender in a little tomato broth. For presentation, build your bowl with the lamb, white beans, chopped tomatoes and fresh herbs. Pour your soup broth over the top for a dramatic effect. For broth, I recommend using chicken stock for a nice neutral savoriness; you can cook it with the lamb bone to add some depth and richness without overwhelming it.”

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